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Administration and Human Resources Management Directorate

Administration and Human Resources Management Directorate

The Administration and Human Resources Management Directorate (AHRM) oversees the management of administrative services and human resources for the entire Commission.Its role includes::

  • Ensure that the organization's governance and accountability systems are monitored through the development and application of administrative and human resources rules, and that standard operating procedures and policies are followed.
  • Provide services in the field of ICT and management information systems;
  • Manage facilities, assets and inventory systems;
  • supervise safety and security services
  • Purchasing and supply chain services
    Administration and travel management,
  • Management of the AU fleet and provision of transport services
  • Provision of AU passports and laissez-passer to AU staff and diplomatic agents accredited to the AU



Nadège Tandu, DRC


  • Administration and management of facilities;
  • Human resources management;
  • Security and safety services;
  • Information systems management;
  • Purchasing, travel and shops.

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