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Office of Protocol

Office of Protocol

The Protocol Services Directorate plays an advisory role on protocol-related issues. It is the first point of contact between the AU Commission and its stakeholders, including Member States, AU organs, the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and partners, as well as with the outside world.

The Directorate oversees the practical implementation of Headquarters and Host Country agreements between the Ethiopian Government and the AU in respect to the general convention on diplomatic privileges and immunities, and the other relevant treaties

The Directorate’s duties and responsibilities include amongst other activities to:

  • managing conference logistics
  • oversee official functions, ceremonies and events by preparing programmes and budgets
  • provide consular services and airport duties;
  • compiling diplomatic lists of key information
  • providing custody services for AU and Member State ceremonial items.

The directorate oversees the practical implementation of the headquarters agreement with the Ethiopian Government,

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