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The Africa Governance Report 2021. “Africa’s Governance Futures for the Africa We Want.”

The Africa Governance Report 2021. “Africa’s Governance Futures for the Africa We Want.”

March 28, 2022

The Africa Governance Report 2021 (AGR 2021) is the second report produced by the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), on behalf of the African Governance Architecture (AGA), and focuses on African Governance Futures 2063 Scenarios. By utilising future studies as its scientific platform, this report represents a collective effort that highlights rigorous, evidence-based research spanning a period of one year. 

The AGR 2021 is essentially divided into five sections. The first section begins by outlining the background and rationale for the scenarios formulated in this report and situates the AGR within the expanded mandate of the APRM.

The second section then engages and highlights the consultative and participatory undertaken in the development of the AGR 2021, including engagements with multiple stakeholders and their diverse inputs. By doing so, the material produced is both holistic and informative.

The third section provides an overview of the four scenario stories, and presents the baseline, best/worst and surprise case possibilities for African governance futures. It then proposes key governance drivers and critical impact factors that would inform policy focus areas, which are subsequently identified.

The fourth section examines the policy implications and recommendations that have been developed from the policy focus areas, and also examines the key governance drivers and critical impact factors that affect good governance as surmised from the analysis.

Lastly, the AGR 2021 suggests steps for the uptake and wide dissemination of the AGR 2021, as well as implementation of the recommendations, supported by a strategic media campaign. This report is therefore a pioneering endeavour in many ways, as a foundation to be built upon by subsequent future studies and Africa Governance Reports across Africa. It therefore gives me great pleasure to share this important report, and I am certain that it will receive the warmest and deserved attention for its invaluable contribution to our development and future as Africans. 

Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa, Chairperson of the Africa Peer Review Forum and President of the Republic of South Africa.


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